This track of education available for purchase includes a variety of sessions centered around developing and incubating the connections related to your business. The 6 sessions included are: 

Building a Community of Online Buyers- Aaron McKee, 1 CEU

Building the Ultimate Bidder Experience- Terri Walker, 1 CEU

Conflict Resolution- Bill Mugavin, 1 CEU

How to Work with Other Auction Professionals- Christ Pracht & Dennis Jackson, 1 CEU

Maximize Your Positive Life Experience, Now!- Rob Doyle, 1 CEU

Social Media Promotion Using Video- T. Kyle Swicegood, 1 CEU

After you purchase the track, you can access each recording in the "Individual Sessions" sub-category. 

The set of sessions discuss ways to set your business on a path for good business. Here are the recordings included: 

Advanced Real Estate: Taking Risks & Becoming a Powerhouse- Sara Rose, 1 CEU

Business Opportunity Through Short Sales- Mark Rogers, 1 CEU

Business Practices: Post-Auction- Burdette Wilbur, 3 CEUs

Changes in the Benefit Auction Industry- Panel led by Christie King, 1 CEU

Death of a Benefit Auctioneer: Avoid Killing Your Auction Career, 1.5 CEU

Golden Rule Advertising- Ryan George, 1.5 CEU

Running a Family Business- The McCurdy Family, 1.5 CEU

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (After I Start Charging You A Fee.)- Murray McCandless, 1 CEU

Once you purchase the track here, you can access each recording through the "Individual Sessions" sub-category. 

All of the sessions on this track are aimed at leaving you with a new skill that you can start practicing and using in your business. Sessions included are:

Auction Professional As Expert Witness- Steve Proffitt, 1 CEU

Bid Calling with the Champs- Lynne Zink, Justin Ochs, 1 CEU

How to Wow the Camera- Bill Menish, 1 CEU

Lights, Camera, Auction!- Andy Imholte, 1 CEU

Making $ With Machinery Eqiupment Appraisals- Rich Schur, 1 CEU

Interview Process to Seal the Deal- Kelly Strauss, 1 CEU

Once you purchase the track, you can access the recordings through the "Individual Sessions" sub-category. 

Both of the sessions in the track give a heavy focus on laws as they relate to an auction business. The sessions included are:

Contracts & Uniform Commercial Code- John Schultz, 3 CEUs

State Specific Comparative Auction Law- Wendell Hanson, 3 CEUs

Once you purchase the track, you can access the recordings through the "Individual Sessions" sub-category. 

These sessions all focus on the use of technology within your business framework and how it can enhance certain components. Sessions included are:

Great Ideas: Technology- Robert Mayo, 1 CEU

New Technology for Yesterday's Auction- John Schultz, 1.5 CEU

Online VS. Simulcast: Real Estate- Will McLemore, Max Spann, 1 CEU

Serving the Global Market: A South African Online Perspective- Kim Faclier, 1 CEU

Transitioning to Online Auctions: Roadmap for the Future- Chris Rasmus, 1 CEU

One you purchase the track, you can access the recordings through the "Individual Sessions" sub-category.